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Today's English Exercise

Daily work is most beneficial These questions will only be here today, so answer any questions now before it's too late.

You can see your score for the Daily English any time.

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Don't learn single words, learn words together in phrases and collocations.
  1. Idioms and phrases you know using the word bicker
  2. Noun phrases or collocations with the word bicker
  3. Give examples of ALL possible parts of speech for this word. Remember, parts of speech depend on the function of the word in the sentence. Not the word itself. Eg "estimate" Noun (Give me an estimate of the expected damage.) "Estimate" VERB (Estimate the effect on the environment.) NOTE: the pronunciation of these words is different, although the spelling is the same.
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What do you do if you bicker? Give an example


Here are two similar words: bicker and biker
What's the difference? Do they sound the same? IMAGE BIKER IMAGE BICKER
Listen and Repeat to your class. Write the phrase you hear. audio

Today's Grammar Question

Today's Quiz - Number 3

202 daily-english.php quiz path daily/quizzes/double-letter-words.php

Words with double letters

Did you know that there is a word in English with three consecutive pairs of double letters. I mean that in this word, the three pairs of double letters occur in a row, consecutively, without other letters coming between them. Do you know which word this is?

Make a list of all the words you know with double letters. The best list wins!

Today's Warm Up Activity - Number 1

Various forms of the word "Law"

Make a list of all words that are forms of the word "law". You can include various nouns, adjectives and opposites.

The list with the most words will be declared the winner.

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