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App Development - Methods

Generic Images

In each game, there will be images which are specific to a card and other generic images, such as background images that are used throughout the whole game pack.

HTML Card Example - Using Wordties Play Style overlays

A page element with relative positioning gives you the control to absolutely position children elements inside of it.

This example shows background images overlaid with text and other images to form a card. The app will do something similar in java.

Single image full screen example

I have uploaded a set of generic images for the app into each pack. I notice that we have to specify how some of these images are positioned. It is visually obvious, BUT the positions of images, EG: the card image is in the top half of the game screen, are properties of each graphical design. When we have a load of designs, there's no easy way of knowing how to position the images SO we need to build some rules into the code so that ANY new design automatically positions the images correctly
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