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develop your own E-commerce application

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Follow the YouTube video series but not literally to the letter. Convert this Ecom app into a biscuits MVC Ecom app.

Video 14 creates the DB tables

Everything before this is concerned more with the framework and pags etc., Nothing yet that we need for business logic.

  1. 14 YouTube video 14 Creating the DB Tables Import an SQL file

    This has now been incorporated into the biscuis DB install Class

    Nine Tables for the Ecom app

    1. admins
    2. business
    3. catagories
    4. clients
    5. countries
    6. orders
    7. order_items
    8. products
    9. statuses

    They create a database class. But we will use our own. we might adapt our own to include some of their methods

  2. 15, 16, 17 & 18 (fetch records) We will use our existing classes. YouTube video
  3. 19, 20

    More general theory of PHP classes and scope etc.,

  4. 21

    the application class for Ecom

    We could use eCommerceCore
  5. 22

    SQL Control Panel Set up the business parameters row in table ecom_business id=1

    Values from this business control record will be inserted into the main outer template /page_templates/e-commerce.php

    Vid 22
  6. Going on ... V23-V26 are about base DB maintenance.
  7. V28 is product image display with helper:: ( We use biscuitsDB for the helper functions )
  8. V30 product listing pages etc., V31 Product images & unavailable IMG
  9. V33 Paging class - paginator !!
    V34 Url class work (Our getData function in urlMethods() CLASS
  10. V35 - about the pagination functions for paging variables
  11. V36 - list products and see only the max number of pages
  12. V37 38 - More on the paginator links
  13. V39 finish paginator and show paging links on the product list
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