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Starting the Chat - Technical Notes

Installing text chat should be a simple matter, but if there are problems after installing, follow these recommendations to diagnose any problems.
The chat usually lies dormant on the footer bar of the page. Clicking on this footer starts the chat as follows:
  1. Visitor clicks on the chat sleeper bar on the footer.
  2. The chat JS function chatToggle() is called.
  3. JS chatStart() uses setInterval to start the chat, which repeatedly calls getChatMessages(); on a time interval
  4. JS chatShow() sets the CSS classes to open up the hidden chat box.
  5. JS getChatMessages() uses an ajax call to get the latest chat messages from the DB. Uses the generic biscuits js ajax loader function biscuits-ajax.js biAjaxLoad()
    chatOb.ajaxPHP must be set by JS function setChat(); (In document.ready() function or similar) View Source for the web page to find JS setChat(); called.
    The document.ready() JS functions are built in the outer template page.
    Currently your outer template page is set to /biscuits-12y/page-templates/default/index.php
    Adice: Place some alert() functions into the document.ready() function to make sure that the script has not crashed before calling setChat();

Still No Chat Messages

If you see the javascript interval working, but don't see any messages displayed, you could consider checking the SQL query. First echo out this query to the chat in the php code chatDBmethods.php function getChatMessages(). If you cut the query directly into the SQL control panel, you should get some message rows seleted.
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