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Chess Help

1 - Features of Biscuits Chess

  1. PGN game files uploaded to the content will be rendered onto the content area view web page.
  2. Tournaments can be arranged and displayed as tournament cross tables where you can click on a game in a cell to view that game.

2 - PHP Chess Methods

3 - Other Software Components

  1. Javascript biscuits-chess-admin.js function showGameOptions(this, [GAME_PATH]);
  2. Ajax load /ajax/ajax-chess-admin.php     Action = game-options
  3. PHP /ajax/ajax-chess-admin.php function showGameOptions()
    1. PHP chessMethods->renderGame(PATH)

4 - Process of Making a Move

The Game Options PHP optionally loads /views/form-chess-submit-move.php when the game viewer is allowed to move. This contains a form that posts back to the current url. Every view controller PHP function that alows for moves to be posted must check for this posted data using PHP code CHESS_VIEW_CONTROLLER->movePosted();

This function in the chess view controller controls all DB and PGN updates for chess moves played.
Search for label UPDATE_CHESS_MOVE_IF_ANY_POSTED: in the chess view controller.

Other PHP code labels in CHESS_VIEW_CONTROLLER->movePosted()


5 - Chess Links

The chessMethods PHP class should handle these links :

  1. Tournament cross tables Expand a game cell to show the game options
  2. Content area PGN files Any PGN files should be rendered
Hi All,
We are off to a flying start, even though there's more to do to make it much easier for us to play. Here's the main tournament controlling page. Check out the cross table there.
Current Chess Tournaments
Please make your moves by clicking on the game board. There is also an input for typing in the moves, but note that there are still some bugs with move validation and if you write an invalid move, it may get through into the game score. Invalid moves will result in the game not rendering properly and a red border showing up around the board.
Note: If you ever have to email a move, make sure that you include all the basic game information. Always mark your move with the move number. EG: 23. Nf4 is a white move and 32 ... Bxf6 is a black move.
The PGN Games - (Check that your games are up to date here) You are currently @username . To play properly in the tournament, you should login . Everyone in this tournament has a username based on their real name, without spaces, but with capital letters beginning each name word. If you can't log in, contact me or shout out in the comments below.
  1. PGN files can be uploaded into the content area (/applications/englishtap/content/)

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