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Chess Controller Help

A tournament is made of entries in a table connecting members to a tournament ( one row per tournament member ) It may be a double rounder all-play-all. A directory in the content area stores all the PGN game scores. When the tournament cross table is opened for viewing, the chessMethods class creates and PGN game files that do not exist. This means that they are created directly on he server and might need to be downloaded by the controller. Upload any PGN game scores that you have off the server, which are more up to date. Then download the entire directory to get them all.

Adding Tournament Controllers

I will also work on the idea of multiple controllers for next time round. When we start league division two, I might need to call on you as a controller, if you don't mind. I can store a list of controllers in each tournament and the way I'm thinking of allowing controllers full access to the PGN textarea input. That means that if an error is reported to you, you click on it and fix the PGN directly. All results go in the PGN header EG: [Result "1-0] We can even use this to control club tournaments WITHOUT and moves recorded. We can have just the game headers to keep track of results and have them permanently published
I will change the table tournament_entries adding an extra column to the table to show that people are players or controllers etc., Controllers will gain access to the PGN in the same place as we now play our own moves from the cross table when we click on a game cell.
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