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Content Management Options

Our CMS ( Content Management System ) sets aside an area on the server for the application so that the site can navigate the content of this area using PHP view controllers. The main help files and content are rendered using the general content files view controller browse.php This presents PHP / HTML pages and any media files for view. The URL indicates where browse looks for the content. The first URL segment is first used to define which view controller is used to render the page content. Some application directories are defined as content areas and will be displayed directly using browse.php If the first URL segment is BOTH a view controller and a content file, such as a help file or a view, the view controller will take priority.
Filenames in the content area

Underscore PHP CMS controlling files

  1. _thumb.php

    Contains HTML to help navigate

Biscuits PHP code for CMS

There are two biscuits view files :
  1. book-content.php
  2. book-page-details.php

The first parses a content array ( This can be constructed prior to including book-content.php ) Each detail line is displayed using book-page-details.php


We also have a sitemap tool, which is a way of displaying nested lists. But this does not relate directly to the filesystem and what's actually there. This method of site navigation is being replaced by a system that works more directly from the content files on the server's file system

Other Components

  • biscuits-content.css ( class detail-line etc., )
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