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Core Biscuits Classes

Biscuits MVC Framework comes with a set of PHP classes for all the standard functionality required for a web site. The core system can be extended by developing your own classes. Your new bespoke classes may reference the core but the core classes should not reference any bespoke add on classes.

When you download and install Biscuits on your own server, you will get all the following core classes, covering basic membership login and social chat with blogs and news post comments.

Some of these classes contain content views and others are tools used to develop views.

Check them here.

  1. Admin
  2. Analytics
  3. Blog
  4. Chat
  5. Filesystem
  6. HTML
  7. Install Biscuits Tables Etc.,
  9. Member
  10. News
  11. Paginator
  12. Reporter
  13. Social
  14. Stock
  15. Support
  16. Tokens
  17. Tools
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