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How Courses Work on English Tap.

Students study courses by visiting the course web pages and doing exercises. Teachers can be called upon to help if needed.

Graded Course Work

Each course is a directory area within the main content area. Students following a course should be able to see their grade reports on their profile area There follows a list of the different types of graded course work.

  1. Gap fill ( missing word exercises )
  2. Multiple Choice exercises
  3. Example mixed question type exercise

Also to be included in the final course grade

  • Slides Some pages will have a button to present a varied set of questions relating to the page. These contain all sorts of question formats from multiple choice to text input answers, and these are also automatically scored by the system

    Example: Changing word forms

    Grammar Slides
  • Assessed assignments and tasks Some activities need to be graded by teachers. For example a written task. The student may be asked to enter the address of the written assignment so that the teacher can give a grade.
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