CSS tricks
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CSS tricks

There are a lot of CSS files included in biscuits. You can add your own application CSS file. Put your CSS file into you application area, in the css directory. Give it a name, such as myapp.css (we prefer not to use any capital letters in file names)

Loading your CSS from your view controller

To load your CSS file into your page, add a line of PHP such as this to your view controller.

$this->addJS('biscuits.js', true);

controlling the <body> tag

The elements in your pages can be given classes and IDs in the normal way using your editor ( Eg: netbeans ) The <body> tag is special, in that it is not part of the content that you create when you edit a new view file. Biscuits provides a variable for you to set called $bodyId. You can set the body id using a line of PHP as follows:
$this->bodyId = 'my-body';
Once the body tag has an id, you can use CSS and JS to affect the style of the body.

Some CSS tips

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