Development History and Notes Version : biscuits-13v
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Development History and Notes Version : biscuits-13v

This biscuits version biscuits-13v has a new way of building pages. A template page is loaded and then used to construct a web page. ( Old functions to build a header and footer around your page are no longer used.)
Functions pageHead() and pageFoot() no longer return any output. Currently your template is

  1. access restrictions to a directory specific files can be placed into any directories to define the access privileges and other aspects of the content.
  2. Upload The uploader button at the end of each directory view does not work yet!!
  3. 6c-1a COMMENTS Only for full loadView of a view page
    comments - Should not be loaded when the page is simply included for summary information but should be included when the full page is viewed. Views can and should detect how they have been loaded.
    1. When loaded by loadView() function in biscuits, the whole page is being viewed and the global variable $loadView; is set.
    2. When biscuits is getting the view output for a summary of the page, the variable $loadView is unset or false. This allows the logic inside view files to drop heavy parts of the page that are only required in full rendered page views. Eg: comment threads.

Blog post comments

  1. Help on comments Help on comments

    There are a number of blog post comment threads. Check these can be seen on the blog posts and post a sample link here.
    Blog post 121

    Post now loads but no COMMENTS /blog/view-post/121 - Fault!
    Error leading to comment class index !!
    1. submit a comment /comment/submit-comment
  2. Blog class should not use it's own comments !

    blog class must use comments from the commentDB method class. IE WHERE thread = "blogpost-121"
    view file = blog-view-post.php

  3. Comment edit
    Submits to /comment/edit-comment then fails
  4. paginator use in blog posts

    The paginator is used to return results !! Check this and should the paginator be moved to methods ?


  1. Signup form

    All forms to start using the new "form-*.php" view file HTML markup methods. Validation by data-attribute using biscuits-forms.js


All the biscuits engine forms to be prefixed "from-" so that they sit together in the views folder

List of forms using new view file + ajax markup biscuits-forms.js

  1. form-authentication-signup
  2. form-captcha
  3. form-comment-edit No ajax validation yet !! Should add some. Eg. no short messages
  4. form-comment-thread


  1. Guests are posting in the chat.

    No guests allowed. Remove the chat footer sleeper from the engine for guests, or use it as a login tempt.


2015-11-13 Add a match game to a match

/chess/matches new button to add another match game or board number to the current match. Should only be visible to chess administrators.
  1. Add Match Game and update match game
    1. JS chess-admin.js function addMatchGame(matchId)
    2. PHP class admin function EditMatchGame()
      With form view = form-match-game-result.php
      /admin/edit-match-game/MATCH_ID This will be used to edit an existing match game, but each new board will first be created by addMatchGame js via ajax, the /chess/matches/MID page will then be reloaded after inserting the new row.
  2. Leon's game 2015-11-14 Script c8=Q+ causes a crash.
  3. Posting a link to a game in the chat, results in a missing image icon to follow the link.
  4. All the chess game viewing functions should be moved into the generic viewer /content/browse and become part of the core, rather than specially for the chess application. To do this simply develop the content class so that it can render PGN files. Copy code from the chess app to do this.
  5. Add comments to home page. Eg: diagram with a question.


Check the help for slides
  1. The slide door code needs improvement. It currently does not work with a button. Perhaps the #anchor is the problem.
  2. The slide Randon selection button closes the slide the first time in but when the slide door is opened a second time the random button works

Turn on Single Page Application SPA mode

New biscuits object property @singlePageApplication = true We may want to shut off all the view URLs except one. Eg: Only the homepage URL To do this we can disable all other URLs using the biscuits object property
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