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Get Your Website Started with Biscuits MVC

LAMP Stack - Linux Apache MySQL & PHP

LAMP堆栈 - 的Linux的Apache的MySQL和PHP

Lamp Stack

Building Your Website.

Quick Start

You need to download the controller , upload it to your own site, create an index.php file and an index.php file. (See below) If that doesn't work for you, contact us for help.

Quick Start fix up

For the website we need to download the framework. My framework is called biscuits and the download is here. Download

Apart from the framework, the most important files for our site are the main index.php file and the .htaccess file

Here are examples of both the .htaccess file and the index.php file The index.php file simply loads the main framework class and starts it.

The htaccess file is a system file and MUST BE RENAMED .htaccess (First character = DOT "." ) This file controls the access to a whole directory structure and so it should be renamed ON THE SITE and not on your own work area or IDE area as you don't want your PC directory to behave as that web site will.


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
    RewriteEngine on
    RewriteBase /
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
    RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
    RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?url=$1 [NC]


include "biscuits/controllers/biscuits.php";

$BI = new BI_controller();


Full Documentation

Start Building 動工


This site will get your web site up and running. If you can manage it all by yourself then it won't cost you anything.

本网站将让你的网站启动和运行。 如果你可以自己管理这一切那么它不会花费你 任何东西。

Further Considerations

What questions should be asked once you've decided that you need a web site?


  1. Can you build your site entirely from free open source components?

    Some people like to develop their own software for the sake of it, but in business we have to realise that there are a lot of good open source packages out there which do a lot, if not all, of what we want.

  1. 你可以从免费的开源组件完全建立您的网站?

    有些人喜欢开发自己的软件的缘故吧,                         但在业务,我们必须认识到,有很多                         优秀的开源包在那里它做很多事情,如果不是全部,                         就是我们想要的。

Developing with MVC Biscuits

Using the right tools, you can download and configure a good site for free. If you are not sure how to do this, just post your questions here for some helpful advice.

If you do have special requirements that fall outside the scope of open source packages, you can submit a work request. Any work requests submitted will receive a reply by email, detailing the possible routes forward, and where appropriate quoting prices for this development.

Any bespoke web development will be within the scope of LAMP Stack we sites and will include PHP, MySQL, javascript, CSS and HTML5, all held together using the Biscuits MVC framework.

All you need to do is choose a domain name and you could have your site live within a day. After that you can submit work requests or schedule conference meetings to discuss your requirements. Each work request will be given a clear price estimate and delivered within the agreed deadline times.

Work requests may also ask for help integrating open source systems with your new site. On this Site we have Moodle . But we could integrate your site with your own chosen open source packages


使用正确的工具,你可以下载和配置                     一个好的网站是免费的。                     如果你不知道如何做到这一点,只是张贴您的问题                     这里一些有用的建议。

如果您有特殊要求落在外                     开源包的范围,您可以提交                     工作要求。任何工作请求将提交                     收到回复电子邮件,详细介绍了可能的                     路由转发,并在适当情况下提供报价                     这一发展。

任何定制的Web开发将范围内的                     LAMP堆栈我们的网站,将包括                     PHP和MySQL,JavaScript,CSS和HTML 5,所有一起举行                     用饼干MVC框架。

所有您需要做的是选择一个域名,你可以                     有你的网站活一天之内。                     之后,你可以提交                     工作要求或会议日程会议,讨论你的                     要求。每个工作请求将被给予一个明确的价格估计                     并交付约定的期限内的时间。

工作请求也可以请求帮助集成开源系统                     与您的新网站。                     在这个网站上,我们有                     Moodle的                     但我们可以用自己选择的集成您的网站                     开源软件包

Open Source Packages & Other Web Services

CK editor for content management

We use CK editor for much of our own content when not using one of the popular CMS systems such as drupal or joomla

CKeditor is an open source wysiwyg HTML editor. We include the CKeditor js library in the page header when we need the editor, then change instances of textarea into a CKeditor instance using

This line is placed immediately after the closing tag in the textarea form.

I think a wiki is a good idea. Such as MediaWiki 

Google talk is a useful way to contact others.

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