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Login, signup and autologin

The login process (Asssuming that you have a username and password )

  1. Visit the login page here and enter your username and password combination.

    This link is also used to process the submitted username & password combination. Refer to the view controller /biscuits-11k/controllers/member.php function login()

  2. The view file form-login.php submits back to itself with the posted values you entered.

the Process of Signup and creating a username


Auto Login

Software Components

The new authentication system uses forms in view files rather than the forms generated by the tools class

Testing the Email Authentication

To complete these tests you will eed access to the server MySQL database. To create a new account, follow these steps:
  1. Fill the sign up form and submit , remember to pass the captcha test before you can submit the form.
    Also take note of the password that you chose.
  2. Signup Complete Page You will be shown a page saying that an email has been sent to you. Open the email:
  3. With the email open, go to the SQL control panel and find the new user there.
    You signed up to English Tap Username : fred All you need now is to click on this link to confirm your email address http://thedomain/member/confirm/d65fc9a47a9e0bd88f33f668aa8e1907

    SELECT id ,username ,confirmed, email ,server_token FROM userTable WHERE username = "myNewUsername"
    If you can not select this user in the SQL datbase, LOGIN SOFTWARE FAILURE - No user created on the Database

    If you can see this user row listed, check that the row has :

    1. There should be a token string in the column that exactly matches the last part of the link sent in the email
    2. An encrypted password (You might be able to determine what this should be by using a password with an already known encrypted value.
    3. The value of confirmed should be 0
  4. Attempt to login without replying to the confirmation email
    Before clicking on the email to confirm this new user. Try to login without confirming
    1. We should be refused login with a message saying that we still have not confirmed our membership /member/failed-login
  5. Click the email link to confirm your membership You should then become a confirmed member, although right at that moment you will still not be logged in as that new user. You will be a guest and will see:

    Confirmation of your membership
    Your membership has been confirmed.
    Your username is guest

    1. SELECT the user again and check that the value of confirmed changing to 1
      1. If confirmed = 0 , Confirmation has failed in /member/confirm The confirmation is done by the method memberDB->setConfirmed($token)
      2. if the user has been confirmed and the server_token removed, try to login with this username and password.

Retrieving a forgotten password

The function sends an email if there is no token in the URL or processes the received email with a token in the URL.

  1. Member Forgot Password
  2. /member/send-token sends the token and matchng email
  3. Check your email. Eg: Somebody requested the password for user account @username Follow this link to change your password Click onthis link

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