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Prepare Emails

Send emails to a single person or a list.


Marketing Mail Box

Check this mail box for replies to mailings


Overview of the Biscuits Email Marketing Method

  1. Mailshots are prepared using the Marketing Email Page
    A tracking image is sent with every email. ( public_html/image.php ) See views/marketing-email.php
  2. Each Mailshot consists of :
    1. A creative The HTML layout and design template for the email, usually consisting of a simple layout of about fifty words with a heading and an image. The image will have tracking capability attached to it so that the opening of the email will be logged if the email client accesses the image.
      In directory biscuits-12b/email-templates
    2. Send TO: This is optionally a single email adress or a database query that returns a list of rows containing the requiried DB columns.
      1. name
      2. email

Saving your email text

Within your application there should be a directory applications/englishtap/mailings Show all saved email messages used
These PHP files contain ONLY the text of the email to send in a mailing when the emails are sent, this text is inserted into an email HTML template, whichwe call the creative because this is the basic styling design for this emailing. The mailing page combines these and other elements to create the fully trackable mailing.

Selecting Email recipients

We either select a single recipient, such as SID, or we use an SQL select that returns at least name and email columns

Email Marketing DB Tables

  1. mailing
  2. mailing_lists
  3. mailing_recipients
    This Subscribers TABLE provides a general table to store subscribers names and email addresses in. This table can be linked to any mailing content and sent
  4. mailing tracker

    Main Email tracker table

  5. user
Note: Each mailing has a stored SQL query that must return COLUMNS name & email

Subscribe buttons

Subscription buttons can be placed on web pages throughout your site to collect SQL data about people's names and email addresses
subscribe echo $buttons->makeButton(array('name' => 'subscribe', 'onsubmit' => "biSubscribe('wordties');", 'class' => 'far-right'));

String Tokens

These string tokens will be replaced with recipient information.

&name &email

Further Development Considerations

  1. What about reply addresses? Can we have addresses?

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