Moodle Learning Management System
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Moodle Learning Management System

This document shows how to install moodle alongside biscuits ( or biscuits alongside moodle)

If HTaccess is set to only redirect to index.php for pages that are not found,, we should be able to install moodle as the main homepage or as a separate sub-folder of the site. Biscuits mvc should be able to live alongside Moodle

Important Files

  1. The sites main index.php file
  2. The moodle index.php file

    This may be placed in a sub-folder /moodle to allow for greater flexibility. For example multiple domain names on the hosting can be mapped to an MVC controller and directed away from moodle.

Installing Moodle alongside Biscuits MVC

Follow these steps to install Moodle alongside biscuits MVC We will check out biscuits classes for conflicts with Moodle URIs so that moodle can be installed alongside biscuits at the top level of the pubic html folder on the server.

  1. Visit Moodle Downloads and download the comressed zip or tar file ( I used a zip file because I can upload it and extract it directly from my hosting control panel )
  2. Make changes to MOODLE_ROOT /config.php
    1. Make sure that $CFG->wwwroot matches the domain name chosen for moodle ( Moodle does not support multiple domain names as far as I know )

Moodle Install

Web address The full address where Moodle will be accessed i.e. the address that users will enter into the address bar of their browser to access Moodle. It is not possible to access Moodle using multiple addresses. If your site is accessible via multiple addresses then choose the easiest one and set up a permanent redirect for each of the other addresses. If your site is accessible both from the Internet, and from an internal network (sometimes called an Intranet), then use the public address here. If the current address is not correct, please change the URL in your browser's address bar and restart the installation. Moodle directory The full path to the directory containing the Moodle code. Data directory A directory where Moodle will store all file content uploaded by users. This directory should be both readable and writeable by the web server user (usually 'www-data', 'nobody', or 'apache'). It must not be directly accessible over the web. If the directory does not currently exist, the installation process will attempt to create it.

Choose database driver

Moodle supports several types of database servers. Please contact server administrator if you do not know which type to use.

Database settings

Improved MySQL (native/mysqli) The database is where most of the Moodle settings and data are stored and must be configured here. The database name, username, and password are required fields; table prefix is optional. If the database currently does not exist, and the user you specify has permission, Moodle will attempt to create a new database with the correct permissions and settings. Database host Database name Database user Database password Tables prefix Database port Unix socket
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