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Moodle Theme Rules, facts and points

A list of facts and points to take into consideration when working on Moodle Themes.

  1. Moodle have a forum all about Themes Moodle Themes Forum
  2. Themes exist as a set of directories and files in the /moodle/theme directory
  3. From Moodle version 2.2 onwards, themes in Moodle work differently. (One consequence of this is that when upgrading Moodle from 2.0 to 2.9, we have to first upgrade to 2.2 and then upgrade to 2.9)
  4. It is important to use only lower case letters and underscores in all directory and file names.
  5. There are files which contain the theme in the filename and references to the theme name inside the files. For this reason, whenever a theme is copied, we must rename all the files to show the name of the new theme and we must change any references to the old theme name inside the files. settings.php, renderers.php, lib.php contain quite a number of references to the theme, which must all be changed. Also change version.php
  6. Themes can have a parent theme specified in the themes config.php file. This means that all the CSS $THEME->sheets in the parent theme will be available and do not need to be specifically listed in this new theme.
  7. $THEME->sheets = array('style'); tells Moodle to use the CSS file style.css
  8. You can create a Theme Settings Page for your theme.
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