*19:23:22 2 * 899 help configure language =
*19:23:22 2 * 1112 help applicationBlockedIP englishtap/configuration/access.php
*19:23:22 2 * 1078 help postAppConfig
*19:23:22 2 * 1033 help fileSystemBannerImage
*19:23:22 2 * 1054 help fileSystemFavicon favicon /applications/englishtap/images/favicon-et.ico
*19:23:22 2 * 1069 help Found metaOgImage = /applications/englishtap/images/banners/banner-tianjin-london.jpg
*19:23:22 2 * 919 help configure Completed with config file = /applications/englishtap/configuration/config.php
*19:23:22 2 * 988 help checkConfig outer templateFile /biscuits-12y/page-templates/default/index.php
*19:23:22 2 * 46 themeMethods.php loadTheme
*19:23:22 2 * 82 themeMethods.php loadTheme
*19:23:22 2 * 36 themeMethods.php theme => forest
221 engine.php checkSession id doesn't exist in SESSION profile
*19:23:22 2 * 507 help getContent MVC = help/newsite-diy Template page-templates/default/index.php
*19:23:22 2 * 510 help getContent View controller loaded = help/newsite-diy

Do It Yourself (Build your own site)

You can install your new site onto any hosting package, even as part of an existing website.

Follow these steps to getting your site up and running

You will find all the installation steps in orange below: When these have been followed, you are ready to create the DB and configure your site.

With the aid of Biscuits Help Docs you can build your site for free. Just follow steps one , two and three. If you need help with any aspect of the free download and installation, how to do it all yourself for very little cost.

Step One - .htaccess set up

.htaccess is a special system file on your site, that controls the access to files. You can read about .htaccess here , or simply follow this simple procedure to cut and paste your .htaccess file into the public_html directory of your web server.
biscuits MVC requires the following file access rules:
  1. webpage pathnames that do not exist MUST be redirected to the root public_html index.php file.

    This is the key point for biscuits MVC, as the URL does not directly relate to the physical location of a file

  2. If the URI exists, that file wil be served as usual.

    This is the normal situation for all web sites. This ensures that your web page paths to images and other resources are directed to the relevant resource as usual

Step 1
action ( top level index file for site )
Create your index.php file Cut and Paste - Example.

session_start();  // If this is removed it MUST go in the engine.php instead 

define('PUBLIC_HTML', __DIR__);

// Prepare to show content depending on the domain name 
switch ($domainParts[sizeof($domainParts) - 1]) {
    // two-dot-part ending domain names
        // We don't have any ending in .uk without .co.uk so ... I'll ony cater for other two-part names 
        $domainName = $domainParts[sizeof($domainParts) - 3] . '.' . $domainParts[sizeof($domainParts) - 2] . '.uk';
        //cho $domainParts[sizeof($domainParts) - 1];

    // single dot-part domain name endings EG .com .org
        $domainName = $domainParts[sizeof($domainParts) - 2] . '.com';
        //cho $domainParts[sizeof($domainParts) - 1];

define('DOMAIN', $domainName);

switch (DOMAIN) {
        define('APPLICATION', PUBLIC_HTML . '/applications/chesspub');
        define('MODE', 'production');
        startBiscuits($siteRoot . '/biscuits-9f/engine.php'); // Was 9d Direct to the version of the biscuits core engine of your choice 

Step 2
action ( .htaccess system access file setup )
Cut and paste these code lines to your .htaccess file.


<IfModule mod_rewrite.c>
RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?url=$1 [NC]
Step 3
Action (Core biscuits PHP code download and install
Install this into a public_html directory of your server, named biscuits_9f for version 9f, biscuits-12t, for version 12t etc., Edit your index.php file to switch versions or rollback versions for a particular domain name on your server.

Current Version - biscuits-12y

There is no download for this version biscuits-12y

All Versions

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