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Common login Umbrella


To allow webmasters to set up short cut one-click logins to other open source modules on the server, using their main site username and password.
Note: For this to work we need to be able to unencrypt the stored passwords , because each module may use it's own password encryption algorythm and so we need to extract the actual password in code, before we can emulate the module's login process.
Every supported open source module will have it's own special login method.
Here is a list of the currently supported Auto-login open source modules moodle, jira, joomla, opencart,

Currently Supported Open Source Modules

Here are some open source systems that we can "umbrella". The Umbrella provides a common authentication method so that your users log in only once and can simply follow links to access these other systems.

The umbrella system will create a basic level user on each system. If this user requires additional privilidges, these must be setup by site admins. If a user is already created on these systems and the umbrella is used, the user password will be changed to match the umbrella log in user's password.
Module Support
Open Cart Under development
Moodle Under development
Open source packages can be defined in config.php by adding them to an array of arrays as follows:
$this->umbrella->addModule('jira',array('path' => '/jira')); 
$this->umbrella->addModule('moodle',array('path' => '/moodle'));
$this->umbrella->addModule('opencart', array('path' => '/opencart'));

This array of arrays is a list of open source modules. Each one having an array of properties that tells the biscuits system how to access them.

Add all the packages that you have to this array. A common login to these systems can be provided so that your members can be set up to access these systems directly with the login credentials you give them.

Open Cart

Go to Open Cart Web Site


Go to our open cart installation

Module opencart Not configured on this domain


Go to Moodle DOT org

MOODLE DOT ORG - LOGO External site authentication in Moodle Creating a new moodle user in PHP

Go to our Moodle installation

Module moodle Not configured on this domain


Go to Jira's site Atlassian DOT com


Go to our Jira Installation

Module jira Not configured on this domain


Go to Joomla DOT org


Go to our installation of Joomla

Module joomla Not configured on this domain

Progress Report

I am still very much interested in the Umbrella Project. It looks like we have to ACTUALLY STORE PASSWORDS - or at least be able to dycrypt the stored password. REASON We have to post the username password into the open source system's usual login posting. ( We can assume that the site admin can set up all the DB connection parameters OR we can pick them up in a big SWITCH. - Usually passwords are non-reversible on secure systems BUT we will have to find a way around this - Storing actual passwords or reversible encryptions is generally frowned upon.

Each open source system will have to be programatically added to our umbrella. This is because each will have it's own login links etc., This is actually a good thing because this makes the job a bit tricky for most people to bother with but the is a common requirement, particularly in a large corporate office or government office. (I should make a list of commonly used open source packages in business and local government)

One selling point

We can make a really groovy home page independant of the open cart system, while also offering our customer base a whole catalog of add-ons that won't impact on the "look and feel" of their site. For example, we might feel that a certain customer, using open cart, could benefit from a fault recording system and so we can offer this as a real add-on, without breaking a principle that I was taught in 1989 in a London Software house. That principle is called "The Principle of Least Astonishment". This principle is constantly broken by Micro-Soft and others, but remains, in many cases, a valid principle. Nobody wants new features to throw everybody off track and cause office workers to lose familiarity with their company web pages.

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