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Biscuits Questions - HELP

Content pages can render a question either by providing the question as an array or by providing a question id to an existing question. Any questions rendered will be added to the database if they don't exist and the question array will match this new DB row by use of a unique key label for the question.
  1. Deal a Question
  2. Questions can be added to pages. Example test question page
  3. Use the Questions home page to find questions
  4. All student assignments of any type, including essay submissions are stored on the same questions database.
  5. All in one method called courseMethods
  6. /help/question-test

Shortcuts on this page

Question Finder

This is the front end to all question selecting and reporting and extracting of questions for the apps. biscuits-12s/views/form-question-finder.php

Question Finder



Visit the wordties website, to download the Wordties app. Wordties uses the biscuits coursework PHP methods and DB table designs. The biscuits course work questions lets course admins write questions of many different formats Within the biscuits system, course PHP methods and content can be found within biscuits-12s/controllers , biscuits-12s/methods and biscuits-12s/views


  1. biscuits-12s/includes/question-form-start.php This starts the question submission form on an HTML web page with questions
  2. Place a question onto the page with PHP->courseMethods->renderQuestion(ARRAY)

    Refer to :

    1. biscuits-12s/includes/question-form-element.php
  3. biscuits-12s/includes/question-form-end.php This ends the question submission form on an HTML web page with questions. Submit button and comments thread are added
  4. Click on Write Hint => JS loadHintForm()
  1. Key front end selector / question finder biscuits-12s/views/form-question-finder.php Exists
    This is the front end for selecting questions for extract or reporting. Select by Course and exercise
  2. Wordties are now just another kind of ET question, using the questions View controller and the questions database tables biscuits-12s/controllers/question.php

    biscuits-12s/controllers/question.php Exists

  3. The PHP methods are in questionMethods too, because wordties are a form of question with a one to many data relationship, similar to multiple choice. biscuits-12s/methods/questionMethods.php

    biscuits-12s/methods/questionMethods.php Exists

  4. PLAY AJAX biscuits-12s/ajax/ajax-question.php

    biscuits-12s/ajax/ajax-question.php Ajax PLAY script Exists

  5. Play content view files
    1. question-card-list
    2. question-card
    3. question-deal
    4. question-leader-board
    5. question-list-paging
    6. question-list
    7. question-menu
    8. question-my-score
    9. question-navigation
    10. question-score
    11. question-set-display
    1. question-attempt-feedback.php
    2. question-bundle.php
    3. question-card-show.php
    4. question-feedback.php
    5. question-finder-link.php
    6. question-form-blogpost.php
    7. question-form-crossword-answer.php
    8. question-form-crossword-clues.php
    9. question-form-crossword-input.php
    10. question-form-crossword-notice.php
    11. question-form-crossword-td.php
    12. question-form-crossword-warning.php
    13. question-form-crossword.php
    14. question-form-element.php
    15. question-form-end.php
    16. question-form-input.php
    17. question-form-match-pallet.php
    18. question-form-match.php
    19. question-form-options.php
    20. question-form-radio.php
    21. question-form-select.php
    22. question-form-start.php
    23. question-form-submit.php
    24. question-form-textarea.php
    25. question-grade-mark.php
    26. question-guest-input.php
    27. question-hint.php
    28. question-list-group-break.php
    29. question-list-header.php
    30. question-list-part.php
    31. question-list-summary.php
    32. question-part-row.php
    33. question-show-attempt.php
    34. question-show-to-guest.php
    35. question-value-id-name.php

Web site

Visit the wordties website

The ET Questions App (Including Wordties sets)

Download soon to be available early in 2018.

Play Data Extract

pack MVC controller to extract data and files to an area for the app to access. Admins can prepare a new release of wordties app data using this link.
Wordties Data Extraction

Game play links

These links use the biscuits play controller located at software/controllers/question.php


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