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Subscription help

1 - Subscription button Example


2 - Placing a subscription button on a page

Each subscription button opens up a hidden subscription form. The subscription form allows you to change the status of this subscription from either SUBSCRIBED or UNSUBSCRIBED .
Subscription buttons can be placed on a page with PHP code as follows:

$subs->form('Subscribe to me');

3 - Subscription form submit

Only one subscription pop-up form can be submitted at a time. When submitted, a new DB row is created in the table mailing_recipients
Since 9p we will do all subscriptions update from the PHP subscription view file form without ajax - Each subscribe button is actually a PHP view file that will post back to it's own page. Each button when loaded will pick up any previous post data and do the subscription DB update.

Button view file

submits back to it's own containing page. Post data can be checked as each form is loaded.
biscuits-subscriptions.js DEPRECATED!
ajax-subscriptions.php DEPRECATED too
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