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Biscuits Themes - How they work

Your theme is set to : forest
Since version 11d all themes are generated by the same PHP class in /biscuits-12v/methods/theme-methods.php This class in only instantiated after the engine configuration of the application. ( See this->coonfiguration() ) , because only then has the theme been set for the app.
The theme CSS3 variables are set in PHP inside /biscuits-12v/themes
Set this->theme = THEME_NAME Then check all the variables that are set for this value of this-theme
To modify a theme, simply set theme variables depending on this->theme To create a new theme, you can simply copy a PHP file such as Firstly, we have designed our theme to work in a way that allows you to easily copy a theme, rename it and start modifying that new theme. "Simple!" you might say .. but check out some other CMS & LMS systems, such as moodle. This is simply not possible!!!

Setting variables

A theme is merely a set of variables defining shape, colour and spacing. Spacing is related to shape, so you could say that A theme is the definition of shape and colour. So a theme is

Themes are a sub-directory of your biscuits directory called /themes, with further sub-directores for each theme.

Eg: Check your settings , look in the sub-directory /themes and find a directory with the name of your theme.

Three ways to implement CSS Style

Style works in all the usual ways as follows:

  1. You can have inline style inside >style< tags
  2. You can link to a CSS file.
    EG: <script src="/biscuits-8g/js/ajax-jquery-1.8.3.js"></script>
  3. You can incorporate a THEME
Style testcard for forest
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