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Last modified: June 09 2019 10:28:38. This page has been written for developers. It provides an overview and first level technical document to the wordties application. Last updated on June 9, 2019, 10:28 am

1 - Try it


2 - Introduction.

The englishtap.com APP picks up data from the server's export routines served from a combination of exercises on the database and media on the server.


Have media specific to particular questions and media ( mainly images ) that form the generic style of the entire exercise. All this media is served up to the APP by XML ( Some exercise packs are free but some are on sale )

3 - Example Generic Pack Style Image Set

Not all images are shown here. Text may be superimposed on some images.
The app will pick these images up from the Play Store using XML. The App developer should visually scan the XML to see how the generic style images are set. The app should then follow the path to each image and save a local copy when downloading a pack.

TAGS for Generic Media paths

  • <GenImgFront> </GenImgFront>
  • <GenImgMenu> </GenImgMenu>

4 - Example Media Specific to a Particular Question

Not all images are shown here. Text may be superimposed on some images.

TAGS for Question Specific Media paths

These tags will be within the question or question part tag for the question they relate too.
  • <questionChoiceImg> </questionChoiceImg>
  • <partHintImg> </partHintImg>

5 - Wordties

Wordties are a kind of question card with a single word answer that needs to be typed in. There's no multiple choice because this activity is about finding a single word. There are many other types of questions in various other packs for all sorts of things, ranging from English grammar to Mathematics. Questions of various forms. For example: Multiple-choice, Enter an answer, enter a blog link to an essay you've written and many more.
Wordtie questions have clues as their parts. The player looks at the various clues, including images and audio and when they see the word that all clues are pointing to they enter this word and score points.
These clue parts do not have the multiple choice radio buttons activated, but they offer text and audio hints. The player should type in a single word answer. After an incorrect attempt the screen fades away and that question remains unavailable for a set time.

6 Example Wordties Card

Each card is basically a simple question. Find the word
It's a kind of vocabulary activity based on collocations. That is how words are joined together. Not grammatically joined together, but the the way words generally collocate. EXAMPLE GAME CARD IMAGE

7 - Different Types of Exercise

There are lots of types of question sets in many different forms. Even crossword puzzles.
Choose the packs you like the look of There will be some packs that have a small price attached to them to help pay for the artists etc., Even these packs can be obtained by sharing the app on social media and getting credit points.

Some Question Types

  1. Write an answer ( EG: Wordties - Write a single word answer )
  2. gap fills
  3. multiple-choice.
  4. Crossword puzzles
  5. Sort into order

8 - The database

The application never accesses the database Everything is passed to the app via XML and the play store


Test your code on the englishtap.com Test Data

9 Pack Downloads

Word Ties Play Store The wordties play store shows all the packs you have and the packs that you can have.
When you get a pack from the play store all the media for that pack is saved on your device and your scores are posted to the site from time to site when you visit the wordties play store The app should be programmed to visit certain pages and find the marked elements on a page that lead to the required files. <HTML> classes will be used to label the elements on a page that lead to certain files and data required for the app to play offline.

Game Packs - Server Storage Area

A directory outside PUBLIC_HTML will have all the pack data. Each subdirectory will be a game pack. Inside each game directory, there will be a number of files.
This data will be served to the application via web pages that will show all the available packs, marking which are already installed and which have an update available and which need a payment or credits.
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