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Worties The APP

Last modified: October 15 2018 13:20:16. This page has been written for developers. It provides an overview and first level technical document to the wordties application. Last updated on October 15, 2018, 1:20 pm

1 - Introduction. The Look and Feel

Some general points to get the hang of the look and feel of this app. Wordties, is just one form of question that this app will be able to render. It has multiple parts to each question but these act more as clues. These multiple parts do not have the multiple choice radio buttons activated, but they offer text and audio hints. The app player or user has to type in one word as their answer. After an incorrect attempt the screen fades away and that question remains unavailable for a set time.

Example wordties card and comments about the game play

To understand the application coding, we should first get an idea of the activity or game play. Basically it's a simple question asking activity, but the quality lies in the media files and the artwork. The activity is about learning English collocations. That is how words are joined together. Not grammatically joined together, but the the way words generally collocated. EXAMPLE GAME CARD IMAGE

2 - One App Fits ALL

The database follows a generic scheme that is the same for all the apps with questions requiring users to respond with answers. In effect this means that the app should be able to handle many forms of questions. Sometimes there will be a gap to type an answer, sometimes there will be a multiple-choice radio button and sometimes other question formats as defined in the XML file

3 - The database

App developers do not need direct access to the SQL database on the server. All data is extracted into our server FTP download area and can be downloaded by the app in CSV or XML format.

4 - Media Files and Images

All media should also be downloaded and stored on the device when a new game pack is downloaded.

5 - Connecting to the FTP area

The first step for the App developers is to connect to our server and download the game data into the device. The App should have a "store" or "game packs" option to view the download area and present users with all the packs that they can download. Each subdirectory will be a game pack. Inside each game directory, there will be a number of files.

6 - FTP Download Area

If you don't have the FTP connection credentials, you can ask Leon ( leonwool@fastmail.co.uk ) Using the FTP connection that you have been given, you should see a file called index.xml This file contains information about the various game packs ( sub-directories )

7 - Filenames

Lets take a look at the typical contents on a game pack or sub-directory. This shows a pack called misc EXPORT FILES IMAGE
  1. The cards.csv an cards.xml files act as a kind of directory contents or index
  2. The Audio and Images subdirectories contain media files. The filenames relate to the context in which each file is used. Every filename is predictable. EG:
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