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Wordties Game

Games now added to the biscuits engine.
New folder /play to store games audio and games images.
New controllers, methods and include PHP code for games. ( All have the pattern "play*.*" - See below for code lists )
Although wordties has it's own website, it is now a generic part of the biscuits package. The wordties website is a portal site, which will have an application download and show some information about wordties, but any biscuits web site will have the database functions for building up wordties data. Within the biscuits system, all the game and activity php code can be found within biscuits-12b/controllers , biscuits-12b/methods and biscuits-12b/views by looking for files named play*.php
SO: wordties is the beginning of a whole branch of biscuits for game playing apps and activities.


  1. Main Play (Wordties) Content View controller PHP biscuits-12b/controllers/play.php


  2. Main play (Wordties) Methods PHP biscuits-12b/methods/playMethods.php


  3. PLAY AJAX ./BI_AJAX/ajax-play.php

    Ajax play script does not exist!

  4. Play content view files
    1. play-menu
    2. play-my-wordties-score
    3. play-navigation
    4. play-wordties-card-list
    5. play-wordties-deal
    6. play-wordties-leader-board
    7. play-wordties-rules
    8. play-wordties-score
    9. play-wordties
    1. play-card-show.php

Web site

Visit the wordties website

The app

Download soon to be available early in 2018.

Play Data Extract

pack MVC controller to extract data and files to an area for the app to access. Admins can prepare a new release of wordties app data using this link.
Wordties Data Extraction

Game play links

These links use the biscuits play controller located at software/controllers/questions.php

  1. Game Play index
  2. Deal a new card

Biscuits Play Menu

The old leader board shows your percentage out of the total number of cards on the whole site, but the new score board only shows your percentage from your own attempts.

To do

  • form-wordties-card

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