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Algebra - Formulas from words

Algebra is not all hard. It starts off quite easy. A bit like finding the missing number.
4x = 20 , so x = ?
Algebra is like ordinary arithmetic, but with a letter for a missing number to find.
² ³ % x y z ( ) { } + - * / = ÷
  1. The spelling of arithmetic can be remembered by A Red Indian Though He Might Eat Tobacco in Church Can you make up a memory aid sentence to help with the spelling of algebra
  2. Write an algebraic expression for each of these:

    1. To find y add 5 to x ____________
    2. To find y square 6 and add it to x ____________
    3. To find y multiply x by 7 and add 4 ____________
    4. Square x then divide by 8 to find y ____________
    5. To find y subtract 7 from x and divide by 3 ____________
    6. y is equal to the square of x divided by 12 ____________
  3. Tickets for a football match cost £25 each.
    1. Write a formula to calculate the cost, c, of n tickets. ____________
    2. A booking fee of £1.25 is added to each ticket bought online. Write an equation to calculate the cost of n tickets bought online. ____________


    CGP Wanderers Football Club Vs UnitCrl Rovvs FC Comfy Seat East stand lower bit Raw 20 Seat 104 £26.00
  4. There are n books in a pile. Write an expression for the number (N) of books in:
    1. A pile with 23 more books ____________
    2. A pile with 14 fewer books ____________
    3. A pile with twice as many books ____________
    4. x piles each with n books in them ____________
    5. A warehouse filled with a square of book piles x piles long each side. ____________
    1. This square has sides of length d cm.
      SQUARE dxd cm
      1. What is its perimeter? ____________
      2. What is its area? ____________
    1. For the triangle below write equations for:
      TRIANGLE 37
      1. Its perimeter ____________
      2. Its area. ____________
      a cm zcm b cr n 11, C cm
  5. The cost (C) of hiring a mountain bike is £10, plus £5 for each hour you use the bike (call it "h"). Write down a formula that can be used for working out the cost of hiring a bike. ____________
  6. The cost per person of a flight from Manchester to Aberdeen is £73 plus £27 tax and an extra £15 for each piece of luggage.

    Write down a formula to calculate the total cost (T) of a flight for p people with a total of (l) pieces of luggage. ____________
  7. The number of sheep (S) that a dragon can eat per day is 3 plus a third of its wingspan in metres (w).

    Write an expression to calculate how many sheep a dragon can eat in d days. ____________

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