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Subscribing for a plan here only adds you to the mailing list. You will receive full instructions by email. NOTE: Some of these plans require a subscription fee to be paid every month. If your subscription expires, you may find that you can't do everything that you need to do and your tutor will not have you on their membership list.

You can subscribe to any before you sign up, but please subscribe using the email that you would like to use for all communication with the school.

A tutor will create your account and email your temporary password, which you can change. You can share your subscription with a friend, but if you do do, all your work will also be shared and you won't be able to have separate course grades.
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Contact us and we will send someone round to chat about it
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Full support with constant messaging and Skype calls for one to one tutoring
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We will send you special offers on every new game pack.
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Build your own site. Choose tasks and get tutoring as you go. PHP JS CSS HTML
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Free Study Plan with text messaging support but no Skype voice call tutoring
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If you play an instrument, come and join the band.
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Study support with messaging and daily Skype calls
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Essential Maths and English for English children who need more than school can offer
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