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They say you should not use "to" before a gerund, but check this out!


Before you jump right in, you may want to develop a better understanding of the differences between the gerund and the infinitive forms Gerund or Infinitive Quizes
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not want not
of space

Open this after making a word list or guessing how many words matching inf- there are.
Score a point for every word on your list and double points for every word that is in the dictionary but not on the example list. Don't Cheat

You can set your guest name by clicking on the guest name at the top of pages. Some quizzes are open to guests and you can even get onto the scoreboard as a guest. Wordties
  1. infinite
  2. infinitesimal
A free one-to-one lesson for anyone who posts a new word into the chat that matches the pattern and is not a different word form of a word already shown.



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diversity is not equal (By definition) . But don't work. Equality is bad. If the whole world were broken down into fine dust, everything would be equal.
Tip :   Variable unassigned a value, 3 used (Peter Taylor Timeslice Ltd., 1988
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