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Hello, Visitor. Search for content here : 🔍 use only one or two keywords and not full sentences.

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There is an EFL section for those learning English as a foreign language. word gaps are popular group exercises for English language practice, but remember to practice speaking, so do these exercises in groups where you talk to each other. Ask for a teacher here: 💬

We still have some of the old activities such as wordties       ALT IMG dice where you see 4 words as clues to an answer word.


Please try these ways to join our small and friendly community.

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The main social media style threads are the comments on each page. Latest Comments Just search your favourite keywords to find a page where you would like to start the conversation or take a look at some of the Featured Pages . Please write a few sentences when you comment, not just Hello? .

Podcasts are a good place to start commenting. 📣 Podcasts

Common Room There is a common chat room 💬 message board
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There's also a chat with voice messages here on Telegram

Share - https://t.me/ETside/ but bear in mind that people are not generally hanging around there, and notifications are not picked up here and have to be set up on Telegram. If you go there, leave a good long text or voice message for someone to pick up later.

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Become a Content Creator Here You can become an online content manager here. Creator Help This way you can create and maintain pages on certain sections of the site. We particularly want people to manage their local area directories. See the local link at the top of this page. LOCAL Directory

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