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X: 1
T: Anthropology - Piano 
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bb
|: "[A1&2]" "Bb6" Bdc=B "G7" e^cdf\
| "Cm7" z2 z e "F7" z f e2\
| "Bb6" z ded "Gm7" cABd \
| "C7" cGBA "F7" z2 z B-|
| "Bb7" B2 GB dB z =e-\
| "Eb6" -e _e2 "Ebm6" _G -GBcd \
| [1. "Dm7" f2 z =B "G7" _A z =e\
| "Cm7" ge_BG "F7" df zF:|
| [2. "Dm7" efdf "G7" zdeG \
| "Cm7 F7 Bb6" cGBc z2 z =e-| 
| "[B]" "D7" -f2 g^g a=e=ga\
| "C7" =ed z2 z2 z =e\
| "G7" f=ed^c _ed=BA\
| z2 z a z a z a-|
|-ag=ed -d3 A\
| (c1/2d1/2c1/2)G Bc z2 z _e\
| "F7" e2 dc =BdcG\
| c2 _BA z2 z F|
|"[A4]" "Bb6" Bd c=B "G7" e^cdf \
| "Cm7" z2 z e "F7" z f e3\
| "Bb6" z ded "Gm7" cABd\
| "C7" c=GBA "F7" z2 z B-|
| "Bb7" -B2 GB dB z =e\
| "Eb6" -e e2 _G-"Ebm6" GBcd\
| "Dm7" efdf "G7" zdeG\
| "Cm7 F7 Bb6" cBAB z4||


X: 1
T: Anthropology - Tenor Sax 
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: C
|:"[A1&2]" "C6" ced^c "A7" f^deg\
| "Dm7" z2 z f "G7" z g f2\
| "C6" z efe "Am7" dBce \
| "D7" dAcB "G7" z2 z c-|
|"C7" c2 Ac ec z _g-\
|"F6" -_g f2 "Fm6" _A -Acde \
|[1. "Em7" g2 z ^c "A7" _B z ^g|"Dm7" af=cA "G7" eg zG:|
|[2. "Em7" fgeg "A7" zefA \
| "Dm7 G7 C6" dAcd z2 z ^g-| 
| "[B]" "E7" -g2 a^a b^g=ab\
| "D7" ^ge z2 z2 z ^f\
| "A7" g^fe^d fe^cB|z2 z b z b z b-|
|-ba^fe -e3 B| (d1/2e1/2d1/2)A cd z2 z =f\
| "G7"f2 ed ^cedA| d2 =cB z2 z G|
|"[A4]" "C6" ce d^c "A7" f^deg \
| "Dm7" z2 z f "G7" z g f3\
| "C6" z efe "Am7" dBce\
|"D7" d=AcB "G7" z2 z c-|
| "C7" -c2 Ac ec z _g|"F6" -g f2 _A-"Fm6" Acde\
| "Em7" fgeg "A7" zefA| "Dm7G7 C6" dcBc z4|| 


Dizzy with Vibes

Cliff Jordan

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