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T:China Boy
R: Sax
| "G" B6 d2|B6 d2|B8|-B8|
w: chi-na boy go sleep, 
| "G" B6 d2|B6 d2 |"E7" B8|-B8|
| "A7" G6 B2| G6 B2 | G8|-G8|
| "Cm" G6 A2| G6 A2 | "G" G8|-G8|
| "Bb" d6 _B2 | "F7" c6 =F2| "Bb" _B8|"D7" -B8|
| "Bb" d6 _B2 | "F7" c6 =F2| "Bb" =f8 | "D7" f8|
| "G" B6 d2|B6 d2 | "Gdim" e8-|-e8|
| "G" B6 d2|B6 d2 | "G" G8-| -G6 z2||

Bud Freeman

Eddie Condon

Bud Freeman remastered Austin High School

Tenor Sax Solo

X: 1
T: China Boy - Bud Freeman-ish
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: G
|: "G"d2g2 B_B (3AGE|G2E2G2E2|d2g2 B_B (3AGE|G2 A2_B2z2||
|"G" d2g2 B_B (3AGE|"G" G2E2G2E2|"E7" d2g2 B_B (3AGE|G2A2G2z2|
|"A7" g2e2g2e2|g2e2B2d2|"A7" g2e2g2e2|g2e2Azz2||
|"Cm" G6 A2|G6 A2| G8|-G8||
|"Bb" d6 _B2|"F7" c6 F2|"Bb" z8 | "F7" z8|
| "G" B6 d2| G6 d2|"Gdim" e8-|-e8|
|"G" B6d2|"D7" B6 B2|"G" G8|-G8  ||

1 3 5 3 1 2 3

X: 1
T: China Boy - Bud Freeman-ish
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: 1353123-
K: C
|:"C" z2 ce2g ec | dz e6 ||
|"D" z2 d^f2a ^fd | ez ^f6||  
|"E" z2 e^g2b ^ge | ^fz ^g6||
|"F" z2 fa2c' af | gz a6||
|"G" z2 gb2d' bg| az b6||
|"A" z2 a^c'e' c'a|bz ^c'6||
|"B" z2 B^d^f ^dB|^cz ^d6||
|"Bb" z2 _Bdf d_B|cz d6||
|"Eb" z2 _eg2_b g_e | fz g6||
Bud Freeman
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