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Chitlins Con Carne

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T:Chitlins Con Carne - Tenor Sax
R: 12-bar
| "Intro Bass" D2 z2 D2 F2\
| z3 D AA D F\
|D2 z2 D2 F2 |"+Sax" z2 DD =FDGF| 
|: A2 "D7(b10)" D=F-F2 z2\
| z2 DD =FDGD\
| z8\
| z2 DD =FDGF|
| "G9" A2 D=F-F2 z2\
| z2 DD =FDGD|"D7(b10)" z8 \
| z2 DD =FD GF|
| "A7(b10)" A=c -c4 _A2\
| "G9" G2 DD =FDGD| "D7(b10)" z8\
|[1. z2 DD =FDGF|[2. z8|| 
K: Bb
T: Piano
| "Intro Bass" C2 z2 C2 _E2\
| z3 C GG C _E\
| C2 z2 C2 _E2 \
|"+Topline" z2 CC _ECFE| 
|: G2 "C7(b10)" C_E-E2 z2\
| z2 CC _ECFC\
| z8\
| z2 CC _ECFE|
| "F9" G2 C_E-E2 z2\
| z2 CC _ECFC\
| "C7(b10)" z8 \
| z2 CC _EC FE|
| "G7(b10)" G_B -B4 _G2\
| "F9" F2 CC _ECFC\
| "C7(b10)" z8\
|[1. z2 CC _ECFE|[2. z8|| 

Tenor Sax , Hammond B3 , Drums Rehearsal



Each line of chords must be an array. Not a string

B-flat Tenor Sax play head on D-minor Pentatonic Scale

Keyboards and Guitars are in C-minor Pentatonic

Blues in C - Tenor/Soprano Saxes Key = D The #9 is the same note as the b3rd but up the top end. (That's C with Eb high but E natural lower )
C7#9 C7#9 C7#9 C7#9
F9 F9 C7#9 C7#9
G9 F9 C7#9 C7#9

Kenny Burrell Studio

Head (Rhythm Guitar and Tenor Sax) + 3x Guitar solo + 3x Tenor Sax + 3x Guitar / Sax Exchanges The head is played twice at the start and once at the end after solos. See the PDFs for this tune.


Some Kenny Burrell jazz guitar licks

Music Sheets

ChitlinsConCarne-FullScore ChitlinsConCarne-notes ChitlinsConCarne-KennyBurrell-tabs ChitlinsConCarne-KennyBurrell
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