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Cornet Chop Suey

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Bruce - 2022-07-19 Cornet Chop Suey is a trumpet test piece: very difficult to play at all, impossible to play with Louis' intensity and swing. Marsalis can play the notes but that's all. You'll very rarely hear a trad band attempt it. The reeds only have follow with a bit of backing on the chords and make sure they get the breaks right. BTW neither of the 'Blues' in my list is a Blues at all.

Chop Suey Octave Doctors Flute

T:Cornet Chop Suey - Octave Doctor's Version 
| (3c'd'c' ac' f'c'af|c'afc afcA|fcfa c'fac'|f2f2e2z2|
|"A"zc'2d' c'3a|bc'd'b agc'a|gfef ac'e'd'-|d'4zf'2d|f'6zd'|f'f'e'2c'2e'd'|
| d =BA-A3G|d=B2 B (3ABA G2|d^cd^d e2G=c-|c=B_Bd AGz2|
|"B" z f3 dcAF|^GA2 Fz2 _ED-|DD^CD c2BA|zC2FD4|zf3dcAF| 
|^GA2F-F2z2|=BdfB df3 | (3ef*f ge c=B_B^G|Af3dcAF|^GA2F-FEFA|
|cc c2 c3 B|A4 z c2 A|c2 z2 =B2 z2|c2z2A2z2|=Bz2^Gz2|A^GAdcdec||
|"C" z f3 dcAF|^GA2Fz2 cc-|-cBcB A-|A4z d3|d2 ^f2ed2d|
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