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Early Autumn - Stan Getz

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Early Autumn Piano Chords


T:Early Autumn - NO ABC 
g^ga^a |: "[A]" bgec bc'd'c' b2| 


X: 1
T: Early Autumn (PIANO)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: C
|z4|z4|z4|z2 G^GA_B|
||: "[A]" "Cmaj7" BGEC B4-\
| "B7"-Bcfc B3 _B\
| "Bbmaj7" AFD_B A4-|
| "A7" A_BcB A3 _A\
| "Abmaj7" G_EC_A G4-\
| "G7" G_A_BA G3 =E|
| [1. "Cmaj7 Am7" G8\
| "Dm7" -G2 z2 "G7" G^GA_B\
:|2. "C6" D2 C6\
|-C4 z GAB||
| "[B]" "Dm7" c3 A "G13" e e3\
| "(Cmaj7 D13)" "Em7" z Bdc \
 "Ebdim7" B' B'3\
| "Dm7" a gf "G13" eddg\
| "Cm7" d4 z GAB|
| "Cm7 C3" _B "F13" d2 =Bc\
| "Bbmaj7" ^cdfa "Eb13" c'2 _b2\
| "Dmaj7 C#7 C9 B7(#9)"  ^c4 d4 \
| "Bb7 Amaj7 Ab7(b9)G9" ^G4 =A4|
| "[C]" "Cmaj7"\
 BGEC B4-| "B7" -Bcdc B3 _B\
| "Bbmaj7" AFD_B A4-\
| "A7"-A_BcB A3 _A|
| "Abmaj7" G_EC_A G4-\
| "G7" G_A_BA G3 E\
| "Am7" "C6" F2 C6-\
| "Dm7 G7" -C4 z4||


X: 1
T: Early Autumn (Tenor Sax)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
|z4|z4|z4|z2 A^AB=c|
||:"[A]" "Dmaj7" cAFD c4-\
| "C#7" -cded c3 =c|"Cmaj7" BGE=C B4-|
| "B7" B=cdc B3 _B\
| "Bbmaj7" A=FD_B A4-\
| "A7" A_B=cB A3 ^F|
|[1. "Dmaj7 Bm7" A8\
| "Em7" -A2 z2 "A7" A^AB=c:|2. "D6" E2 D6\
| -D4 z ABc||
| "[B]" "Em7" d3 B"A13" f f3\
| "(Dmaj7 E13)" "F#m7" z ced "Fdim7" c' c'3\
| "Em7" b ag "A13" feea\
| "Dm7" e4 z ABc|
| "Dm7 D3" =c "G13" e2 ^cd\
| "Cmaj7" ^degb "F13" d'2 =c'2\
| "Emaj7 D#7 D9 C#7(#9)" ^d4 e4 \
| "C7 Bmaj7 Bb7(b9)A9" ^A4 =B4|
| "[C]" "Dmaj7" cAFD c4-|"C#7" -cded c3 =c\
| "Cmaj7" BGE=C B4-|"B7"-B=cdc B3 _B|
| "Bbmaj7" A=FD_B A4-|"A7" A_B=cB A3 ^F\
| "Bm7" "D6" E2 D6-|"Em7 A7" -D4 z4||


Piano Chords

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