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Fluting the Blues

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Flute 'n the Blues Flute 'n the Blues is an album by saxophonist James Moody recorded in 1956 and released on the Argo label. The album was Moody's first recording featuring him on flute.


T:Fluting the Blues
R: James Moody
|: z4 z3/2g1/2 d'3/2g1/2||\
| "G7" d'4 z2 (3_e'e'c'\
| d'3/2_b1/2 g4 a3/2f1/2\
| d4-(2d2d (3fdf\
| g3z z3g1/2 d'3/2g1/2|
| "C7" d'6 (3_e'e'c'\
| d'3/2_b1/2 g3 z a3/2f1/2\
| "G7" d4-(3dd d (3fdf\
| "E7" g2 z2 z3/2g1/2 d3/2g1/2|
| "Am7" d'6 (3_e'e'c'\
| "D7" d'3/2_b1/2 g4 a3/2f1/2\
| "G7" d4-(3dd d (3fdf \
| g2 (3_bbg fg-|
T: Solos 
| "G7" -g2 dc {^A}B2 z2\
| "C7" z4 z2 a1/2_b1/2a1/2g1/2\
| "G7" (3fdc {^A} BF-F2 {^d}ed-\
| "D7" z a-(3a1/2_b1/2a1/2 g ffaf-|
| "G7" -f2 (3dAc (3BF2 -Fz\
| z4 zg_bc|
| Z4||

James Moody

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