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X: 1
T: Gertrude's Bounce
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Fast Bop
K: D
|: "Intro-12" "D" [DF]G A2 "D7" A2 A2\
| Bc d2 G3 G|FG A2 D2 D2| E8|
| "D" [DF]G A2 "D7" A2 A2\
| Bc d2 G3 G |FG A2 D2 E2| D8|
|A2 A^G A2 d2\
| =G2 GF G2 c2\
| =F2 FE F2 A2|G4 "Pause" zGAB||
| "[A]" "C6" c2 E2 B3 A\
| "D-7" GBCG zF3\
| "E-7" EF G2 C2 C2|"D-7" DEDC "G7" BzAG-|
| "C9sus" G3C "C7" z2 zA\
| "Fmaj7" G2 FG"Bb9"zFz2\
| "Eb6" zF_EFzE3\
|["1" "Dm7" D=EFG "G7" zGAB:|["2." "Dm7" D2 =EC "C6" z2 G:|
|"[B]" "AbMaj7" c3 c-c2 B2\
|-B2 ^A2 -A=A z2\
| "DMA7(#11)" ^G9 "DbMA7" ^A|-A12|
|^c3 c-c2 =c2-|-c2 =B2-B^A z2\
|=A6 _A|-A4 z =GAB||

Clifford Brown

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