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We will play it in A minor = ALTO C minor bbb = TENOR B-minor . Even though the abc score is in E-minor

The Christmas song, "What Child is This" also has this melody. Usually sung in D minor - One flat in the key signature.

You can play a minor 7th or use the natural 7th of the haronic minor to improvise.

You can also use the D dorian on piano or guitar, if you raise the high B-flat to B natural. That particular key lies in the middle of most voices, and is nice for the chording of a guitar. Alto Sax = B minor ## Tenor Sax E minor #

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R: Traditional 
 E2 |: "[A]" "Em" G4 A2\
| "G" B3 -c B2\
| "D" A4 F2| "Bm" D3-E F2|
|  "Em" G4 E2\
| "C" E3-^D E2| "B7" F4 ^D2 | B,4 E2 |
|  "Em" G4 A2| "G" B3-c B2\
| "D" A4 F2|   "Bm" D3 -E F2 |
|   "Em" G3 -F E2\
|  "B7" ^D3 -^C D2| "Em" E4 E2|  E6|
|  "G" d6| d3 -^c B2\
|  "D" A4 F2 | "Bm" D3 E F2| 
| "Em" G4 -E2 | "C"  E3 -^D E2 | "B7"  F4 ^D2| B,6|
| "G"  d6 | d3 ^c B2 | "D" A4 F2 | "Bm" D3 -E F2|
| "Em" G3 F E2 | "B7" ^D3 -^C D2 | "Em" E6 | [1. -E4  E2 :|[2. E6|| 

John Coltrane

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