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Here's That Rainy Day

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Here's that Rainy Day Piano Chords CHORDS Gentle Ballad with potential to go somewhere

Stan Getz's Great Slide show of rainy skies!! Some slippery wet sliding notes but mostly good.


X: 1
T: Here's That Rainy Day (Piano)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: G
||"[A]" "G" D2 D4 D2\
| "Bb" D2 F2 _B2 d2\
| "Eb" d4 c3 =B| "Ab" c8|
| "Am7+11" D2 D4 D2\
| "D7" D2 F2 A2 c2\
| "Gma7" _B8| "Dm7 G7(b9)" z8|
| "Cm7" _e4 e4\
| "F7" _e2 G2 ^G2 A2\
| "Bbmaj7" d6 =F2 "E9" ^F2\
| "Ebmaj7" G4 =F2 G2| 
| "Am" c2 cc c2 cc\
| "D7" cE =F2 ^F2\
| "G Em7" _B8\
| "Am7 D7" z8|
| "[B]" "G" D2 D4 D2\
| "Bb" D2 =F2 _B2 d2\
| "Ebmaj7" d4 c3 =B\
| "Abmaj7" c8 |
| "Am" D2 D4 D2\
| "D7" D2 ^F2 A2 c2\
| "Gmaj7" =B8|"Dm7 G7" z8|
| "C" =e2 e4 e2\
| "Am" e2 A2 "D13/C" =B2 c2\
| "B" d4 "E" ^F2 G2\
| "A13 Bbdim7" A8|
| "Am" D2 D4 D2\
| "D7" D2 F2 A2 _B2\
| "G6 Em" G8| "Am D7" z8||


X: 1
T: Here's That Rainy Day (Tenor Sax)
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: A
||"[A]" "A" E2 E4 E2|"C" E2 G2 =c2 e2|"F" e4 d3 ^c|"Bb" d8|
| "Bm7+11" E2 E4 E2| "E7" E2 G2 B2 d2\
| "Ama7" c8|"Em7 A7(b9)" z8|
| "Dm7" =f4 f4\
| "G7" =f2 A2 ^A2 B2\
| "Cmaj7" e6 =G2 "F#9"^G2\
| "Fmaj7" A4 =G2 A2| 
| "Bm" d2 dd d2 dd\
| "E7" d^F =G2 ^G2\
| "A F#m7"=c8|"Bm7 E7" z8|
| "[B]" "A" E2 E4 E2|"C7" E2 =G2 =c2 e2\
| "Fmaj7" e4 d3 ^c|"Bbmaj7" d8 |
| "Bm" E2 E4 E2\
| "E7" E2 ^G2 B2 d2\
| "Amaj7" ^c8\
| "Em7 A7" z8|
| "D" ^f2 f4 f2\
| "Bm" f2 B2 "E13/D" ^c2 d2\
| "C#" e4 "F#" ^G2 A2|"B13 Cdim7" B8|
| "Bm" E2 E4 E2\
| "E7" E2 G2 B2 c2\
| "A6 F#m" A8|"Bm E7" z8||

Andy McLEan Stelling Minnis

Bill Evans

Stan Getz

Arturo Sandoval Live Studio Session

Jimmy van Heusen

Carles Magarit transcription of Paul Desmond's Solo

Wes Montgomery - London 1965

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