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I'm A Fool To Want You

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T:I'm a Fool to Want You - Tenor Sax
R: Sax
||z2 z2 z2 z2 \
| z2 z2 z2 z2 \
| z2 z2 z2 z2 \
| z2  C^C A3 ^E||
|: "[A1&2]" "F#m6|9" G F3 -F4\
| "C#m7(b5)" z2 ^EF "F#7(b9)" d3 ^A\
| "Bm6/9" c B3 -B4\
| "(G#m7(b5)" "Bm6|9" z2 B2 "(C#7(b9#5))" "G#m" c2 d2|
|[1. "F#m 9" =d2 c2 G2 A2\
| "(G#7(#9#5))" "Bm7" B3 F G2 A2\
| "D9(#11)" B3 A G F2 G-\
| "C#9" -G2 =C^C "C#(b9#5)" A3 ^E:|
|[2. "F#m6|9" =d2 c2 G2 A2\
| "(G#7(#9#5))" "Bm7" B3 F G2 A2\
| "G#m7(b5)" c3 c "C#7(b9)" c G2 A\
| "F#m6" F6 z2||
| "[B]" "Bm" f3 f "Bm maj7" f3 f\
| "Bm7" f4 "E9" (3f2f2f2 \
| "Am7" f2 e6|"(C#m7F#7(b9))" -e6 z2|
| "Bm" e3 e "Bm maj7" e3 e\
| "Bm7" e4 "E9" (3d2e2d2 \
| "Am7" c8 | "A6" -c4 z2 c2|
| "G#m7(b5)" B3 B B3 B\
| "C#7(b9)"  B3 B B3 B\
| "F#m7" B2 A6|-A4 x2 F2|
| "(Am7)"  "D7" A3 A A3 A \
|  "D7" A2 F2 G2 F2 \
| "G#m7(b5)" G8\
| "C#7(b5)" z2 C^C "Repeat [A2]" A3 ^E||

Dexter Gordan

Lee Morgan

I liked Bobby Wellin's version of this. I saw him live in the Marlowe Jazz club. Sher Music, The Standards Real Book, Page 223

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