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I'm Beginning to See the Light

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Most bands only play in one to two sharps (rarely three, Out of Nowhere and Here Comes that Rainy Day being the commonest exceptions) and one to two flats (again exceptions are Body and Soul, Stardust and Robbin's Nest).

Louis often played in Db because he liked the very flat keys and he was a great musician. When you play with an average six-piece band usually they all have to follow the trumpet. That means that where a tune was written in concert G most trumpet players will play it in their G, ie concert F, and so on. Trombone players are often worse, refusing to play in more than one sharp concert (but that doesn't apply to Jacko or Jan!). Just assume that most keys are concert C, F, Bb, Eb or Ab and you won't go far wrong. I'm beginning to see the Light is usually F or Bb concert.


T:I'm beginning to see the Light - Tenor Sax
R:Duke Ellington AABA
^D |: "G6" EG E2 "Cm6" G2 A2 \
| "G6" B E2 "E7" E-E3 ^D\
| "A7" EG E2 "D7" G2 A2|
| "Bb7" _B _E2 E-"Eb7" E3 E\
| "G6" =EG E2 "F#7" G2 A2 \
| "F7" B d2 d-"E7"-d2 dc|
| "A7" BG E "D7" G A2 G-\
|[1. "G" -G4 "Am7" z2 "D7" z ^D:|\
[2. "G" -G6 z2||
| "[B]" z B2 ^F B2 ^F2\
| ^D ^F2 B-B4\
|"Bb7" z _B2 =F B2 F2\
| D =F2 _B-B4|
| "A7" z A2 E A2 E2\
| ^C E2 A-A2 AA\
| "Bbm7" _BB B2 "Eb7" B G2 A\
| "Am7" -A6 "D7" z ^D||
| "[A3]" "G6" EG E2 "Cm6" G2 A2\
| "G6" B E2 "E7" E-E3 ^D\
| "A7" EG E2 "D7" G2 A2 \
| "Bbm7" _B _E2 E-"Eb7" E3 E|
| "G6" =EG E2 "F#7" G2 A2\
| "F7" B d2 d-"E7"-d2 dc\
| "A7" BG E2 "D7" G A2 G-\
| "G" -G6 "(Am7 D7)" z2||


With Louis Armstrong

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