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T:Little Sunflower  - Freddie Hubbard
R: Flute 
|: "" "AABBAA solo AABB" "[A] oct^" "Dm" z4 A =B2 B\
|-Bc2 c-c4\
| z4 c d2 d\
|-d e2 e -e2 dc|
|=B2 G2 A4\
:|2.z4 ABAF ||
|: "[B]" "Eb" g2 e -e-e4\
|-e8|-e8|z2 z B _ef gb|
|"Dmaj" a2 ^ff-f4\
|1.z4 abaf\
"The End" !coda!|


A nice flute groove with a minor blues feel. Made popular by Freddy Hubbard. I quite like the original version from the album BACKLASH. Keep the beat in the A section bars 5-8 with that long held note. The rhythm section has to drive when the top line is holding a long note.

Flutist Walter Bell -"Little Sunflower"-studio version

Dave Valentin; ''Little Sunflower''

Little Sunflower - Chazzy Green with G-Live

Freddie Hubbard Version Play Along

How to play the piano part

Cool for play along

Using Triad Pairs over the extended Dm bars

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