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Morning - 16 bar blues theme (Yusef Lateef)

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T:Morning Has Broken
R: Hymn
| C2 E2 G2 | c6\
| d6 |
w: Mor-ning has bro-ken


X: 1
T: Morning
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Flute
K: Fminor
|: "F7" C2|F2 z _A2 z z2|c2 Ac AG z C|F4 A4| z4 z4 |
|"Bb7" _e2 z c2 z z2|f2 _ef eB z A|_B2 z2 c2 z2|
|"C7" f2 z2 _e2 z2 |f2 _eg _eB z A|"Bb7" _b2 z A z z2|c2 A_b AF z C|
|"F7" F2 z A2 z z2|_e2 Ad AF z C|F8-|F8||


X: 1
T: Morning
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Slow 
K: Gminor
"G7" D2 \
|: G2 z _B2 z z2\
| d2 Bc BG z D\
| G4 B4| z4 z4|
| "C7" f2 z d2 z z2\
| g2 fg fB z B\
| c2 z2 "G7" d2 z2| z4 z4|| 
| "D7" g2 z2 f2 z2 \
| g2 fg fB z B\
| "C7" c2 z B z z2\
| d2 Bc BG z D|
| "G7" G2 z B2 z z2\
| d2 Bc BG z D|G8-\

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