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Piano Chords


T:Petite Fleur
| F3 F|| "E7" E8| -E2 ^GB (3d2f2e2\
| "Am" c8|-c2 EA (3B2c2A2 \
|| "E7" B8|-B2 ^F^G (3A2B2G2 |
| "E7" E8-\
| "F" -E4 F3 F\
|| "E7" E8-|-E2 ^GB (3d2f2e2\
| "G" g8-|-g2 ef "Gdim" (3g2f2e2 ||
| "Dm" f8-| "G7" -f2 de (3f2e2d2\
| "C E7" e8|"Am" -e2 cd (3e2d2c2\
|| "Dm" d8| "E7" -e2 Bc (3d2c2B2||
| "Am" c8-| "F7" AB (3c2B2A2\
|| "B7" B8| ^F8 | "E7" B8-| -B2 "F" F3 F||
|| "E7" E8 | -E2 ^GB (3d2f2e2\
| "Am" c8|-c2 EA (3B2c2A2\
|| "Dm" B6 d2| "E7" c6 B2|
| "Am Dm" A8| "Am" -A4 (3A2^c2e2\
|| "A7" g8| "A7" -g2 ef g_b a2\
| "Dm" f8| -f2 f2 f3 f||
| "G7" f8|-g2 de (3f2_a2g2\
| "C" e6 f2\
| "C" e6 f2 || "E7" d2 "F" F3 F\
| "E7" E8|
| -E2 ^GB (3d2f2e2\
| "Am" c8|-c2 EA (3B2c2A2\
|| "Dm" B3 d2 | "E7" c4 B4\
| "Am Dm" A8|"Am" -A8||

Long Version

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