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Slow Ballad! Standards Real Book - Page 357

Round About Midnight, This was composed by Thelonious Monk in 1944, Miles Davis reworked it in 1957, renaming the song "'Round About Midnight,"


X: 1
T: 'Round Midnight - Monk 
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Eb
R: Optional Ad Lib Intro then AABA
| "Bm" z3/2 =E1/2\
 F1/2G1/2=A1/2=B1/2 eB1/2A1/2 eB1/2A1/2 \
| "E7 alt" =g2 -g1/2f1/2c1/2^G1/2 B4\
|"Adim" z3/2 D1/2 E1/2F1/2G1/2=A1/2 =dA1/2G1/2 =dA1/2G1/2|
|"D7 alt" =f2 -f1/2e1/2B1/2^F1/2 _A4\
| "Gdim" z3/2  C1/2 _D1/2_E1/2F1/2G1/2 cG1/2F1/2 cG1/2F1/2\
|"C7alt" _e2 -e1/2_d1/2A1/2=E1/2 _G4|
|"Fmaj7 ('9 #11)" z1/2 [B1/2c1/2] [Bc]  
T: Head Start
|"[A]" "Fm/E" z2 C1/2F1/2G1/2c1/2 "Eb" A3 C\
| "Dm7(b5)" F F2 "G7(b9)" F "Bbm7" c "Eb7" B3\
| "Dm7(b5)" z2 F1/2A1/2c1/2e1/2 "G7(b9)" =d3 A|
| "Dbm7 Gb7 Cm7 F7" _c2 B2 B2 =A2\
| "Bbm7" z2 B1/2d1/2f1/2a1/2 "Eb7" g3 d\
| "Abmaj7" c4 "Bb13(#11)" z2 FG|
|[1. "Dm7(b5)" (3AGA G2 "G7(#5)" -G3 F\
| "Gm7(b5)" =E "C7(b9)" C3-C4:|\
 [2. "Dm7(b5)" A2 "G7" G2 "Gm7(b5)" F2 "C7(b9)" =E2\
| "F maj7" F6 FG ||
| "[B]" "Dm7(b5)" (3AGA G2- "G7(b9#5)" G3 F\
| "C7(b9)" =E C3-C2 =FG\
| "Dm7(b5)" (3AGA G2- "G7(b9#5)" G3 F\
| "C7(b5)" =E c3 z4 |
| "Bbm7" d2 dd "Gm" c "C7(#6)" c3\
| "Dm7(b5)" A A2 A "G7(#5)" G3 c\
| "Cm7" f2 "F7" ff "Bbm7" e2 "Eb7" ee\
| "Abm7" d2 "db7" ed "Gm" c4||
| "[A3]" "repeat [A2]"  Z4| Z4 ||
| "[Interlude"] "C9" cc c3/2c1/2 z1/2 c1/2 z z2\
| z1/2 c1/2 z e3e z4\
| z4 "C7" e1/2-e2:|\
| "Fmaj7" "Solos" F8 :|

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