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Satin Doll - Duke Elligton

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X: 1
T: Satin Doll - Piano
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Tenor AABA - end on AAB
K: C
z |: "C|G" z8 |z8|z8|"(A7)" z8|
|"[A1 & 2]" "Dm7" AGAG- "G7" G A3\
| z "Dm7" A3 "G7" GA3\
|"Em7" =BABA- "A7" -A B3|
| "E-7" z B3 "A7" AB3\
|"D7" z d3 cd3|"Db9" z _B3 _A2 _BG-|
|[1. "Cmaj7" -G8-|"(A7)" G8:|\
[2. "Cmaj7" G8| z4 z2 z G||
|"[B]" "Gm7" c2 _BA "C7" G2 AB\
| "Gm7" c2 _BB "C7" GABc\
|"Fmaj7" -c8|-c6zc|
|"A-7" dc_BA-"D7" ABc2\
|"A-7" dc_BB-"D7" ABcd-\
|"G7" d8|"Spoken" z G2 G G G3|
|"[A4] as A1" "Dm7" AGAG-"G7" -GA3 \
|"Dm7" z A3 "G7" GA3\
|"E-7" =BABA-"A7" -AB3\
|"E-7" z B3 "A7" AB3|
|"D7" z d3 cd3\
| "Db9" z _B3 _ABG-\
|"Cmaj7" -G8|"(E-7 A7)" z8||


X: 1
T: Satin Doll - Tenor Sax (CONCERT C)
T: After Solos, end on AABA + AAB
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: D
z |: "D|A" z8 |z8|z8|"(B7)" z8|
|"[A]" "Em7" BABA- "A7" A B3\
| z "Em7" B3 "A7" AB3\
|"F#m7" cBcB- "B7" -B c3|
| "F#-7" z c3 "B7" Bc3\
| "E7" z e3 de3\
| "Eb9" z =c3 _B2 cA-|
|[1. "Dmaj7" -A8-|"(B7)" A8:|\
[2. "Dmaj7" A8| z4 z2 z A||
|"[B]" "Am7" d2 =cB "D7" A2 Bc\
| "Am7" d2 =cB "D7" ABcd-\
|"Gmaj7" -d8|-d6zd|
|"B-7" edcB-"E7"Bcd2\
|"B-7" edcB-"E7"Bcde-\
|"A7"e8|"Spoken" z A2 A A A3|
|"[A4] as A1" "Em7" BABA-"A7" -AB3 \
| "Em7" z B3 "A7" AB3\
| "F#-7" cBcB-"B7" -Bc3\
| "F#-7" z c3 "B7" Bc3|
| "E7" z e3 de3\
| "Eb9" z =c3 _BcA-\
| "Dmaj7" -A8|"(F#-7 B7)" z8||

Clark Terry

Duke Ellington Himself


1962 Storyville Records

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