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Vehicle - Ides of March

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Vehicle - Ides of March

Concert key - Eb
Tenor Saxes = F
See the sheet music

Points to notice

  1. The intro is 8 bars.
  2. The first bar of the intro is more or less silent. The drummer can beat 4/4 time to set the pace.
  3. The horns hit the riff on the first beat of the second bar.
  4. The first horn riff hits a high note on the first beat of the 3rd bar and then rests until the end of bar4 F x x x | 4 2 3 4
  5. Intro bars 5-8 ( the second st of four bars ) contains a riff that lifts and repeats ( First time starts on F , second time on the C above that F )
    F. F-Ab-C Ab-Bb | Bb... | C. C-Eb-G Eb-F | F... |
  6. Then the verse repeats 4 times.
  7. Guitar solo on 3rd time through
  8. Horns silent for first 4 bars of the guitar solo
  9. On the guitar solo and 4th time through ( straight after the guitar solo ) The horns step up the riff by playing the long 2 note value as 8 semi-quavers ossilating between that note and the scale note above it.
  10. The third bar looks like a dotted minim ( 3 beats ) followed by a chrochet ( 1 beat ) but listen and the first long note is even longer, like 3 1/2 beats ( minim + dotted chrochet then semi-quaver )

Tenor Saxophone

Alto Saxophone

Piano Guitar Bass and Drums

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