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X: 1
T: Vision On Trundle
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: C
|:" A Major" "1"A"2"B "3 4"^cd "5"e2 "6"^f2|ed ^cd ed ^cB|AB ^cd e2 ^f2 |"5" e8|
|a^g ^fg a2 ^f2 |ed ^cd e2 ^c2|BA B^c ed ^cB|A8:|  
|:" D Major" "1"D"2"E "3 4"^FG "5"A2 "6"B2|AG ^FG AG ^FE| DE ^FG A2 B2 |"5" A8|
|d^c Bc d2 B2 | AG ^FG A2 ^F2|ED E^F AG ^FE|D8||  
|:" G Major" "1"G"2"A "3 4"Bc "5"d2 "6"e2|dc Bc dc BA| GA Bc d2 e2 | "5" d8|
|g^f ef g2 e2 | dc Bc d2 B2|AG AB dc BA | G8||  
|: "C Major" CD EF G2 A2|GF EF GF ED| CD EF G2 A2 |"5" G8|
|cB AB c2 A2| GF EF G2 E2|DC DE GF ED |C8||
|: "F Major" FG A_B c2 d2|c_B A_B c_B AG| FG A_B c2 d2 |"5" c8|
|fe de f2 d2| c_B A_B c2 A2|GF GA c_B AG |F8||
X: 1
T: Vision Scales
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: Scales
K: C
|:"B Major" B^c^de^f3^g|z8|z8|z8|
|z8|z8|z8|B8 :|   
|:"E Major" E^F^GAB3^c |z8|z8|z8|
|:"A Major" AB^cde3^f|z8|z8|z8|
|z8|z8|z8|A8 :|   
|:"D Major" DEAG|z8|z8|z8|
|z8|z8|z8| D8 :|   
|:"G Major" GABc|z8|z8|z8|
|z8|z8|z8| G8 :|   
|:"C Major" cdef g3a|gfedcdcc|cdef g2a2|g8|
|'cbab 'c2a2 |gfefg2e2| dcde gfed| c8 :|   
|:"F Major" fga_b|z8|z8|z8|
|z8|z8|z8| f8 :|   
|:"B-flat Major" _Bcd_e|z8|z8|z8|
|z8|z8|z8| _b8 :|   

Vision On

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