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The Power of Thought - (Mind over matter)

ALT IMG Grammar check: future
1 Read the following dialogue and decide if neither, one or both of the alternative future forms are definitely possible.
  1. A: So, what (1) are you doing/do you do at the weekend?
    B: Nothing much. How about you?
  2. A: Well, Steve and I (2) will probably have gone/will probably go to the Science Museum. They've got this great new section on genetic engineering which might be useful for the course I'm doing. By the way, I've been meaning to ask you. Are you still thinking of moving out of your flat?
    B: Yes. I really do want a place of my own. I hope I (3) I'll be saving / I'll have saved enough by the end of the year, so I (4) 'll begin /'m beginning looking seriously then.
  3. A: That sounds good. And when (5) do you start/are you going to start that course in computer science you keep talking about?
    B: October. I can't wait!
2 Now write down when we use each of the following forms to talk about the future. Give an example of each form in a sentence.
Present Continuous e.g.
I'm playing tennis tomorrow evening.
We use the Present Continuous to talk about arrangements that have already been made.
  1. Present Continuous
  2. Present Simple
  3. will
  4. going to
  5. Future Continuous
  6. Future Perfect

Exam focus (error correction - spelling and punctuation)

There are two types of error correction exercise. In the second type, errors of spelling and punctuation have to be identified. There are sixteen lines to be corrected and candidates should not expect more than five lines to be correct.

Suggested procedure

  1. Read the text through to get the general idea.
  2. Read the text again. Read sentence by sentence to help you identify punctuation mistakes. Look at each word in turn to help you identify spelling mistakes. Cross out the mistakes as you find them and write the correction. If a line is correct tick (/) it.
  3. When you have finished, check that no more than five lines are correct.

Exam task

In most lines of the following text, there is either a spelling or punctuation mistake. For each numbered line 1 ??” 16, find the errors and correct them. Some lines are correct. Indicate these with a tick (✓. The exercise begins with three examples (0), (00) and (000).


0 () A completely paralysed man has been given the ability
00 to communicate with the outside world through
000 electronic implants which were fused with his brain sells.
  1. A pear of implants have enabled the man to control a
  2. cursor on a computer screen just by thinking about moveing
  3. his body. By pointing the cursor at diferent symbols he
  4. can make the computer say phrases such as, "I'm thirsty,
  5. or his favourite, "See you later. Nice talking to you."
  6. Researchers at Emory University hope the tecnology
  7. will eventually allow paralysed people to operate artificial
  8. limbs and New Scientist magazine notes that its the first
  9. time such a connection has been made directly in the
  10. brain rather than with nerves, in the spine or limbs. Each
  11. implant is a hollow glass cone and contains a tiny electrode
  12. 'The trick is teaching the patiente to control the strength and
  13. pattern of the electric impulses' being produced in the brain,'
  14. says dr Bakay, the leader of the Emory team. 'After some
  15. trainning they are able to "will" a cursor to move and
  16. then stop on a specific point on the computer screen.'
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