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Changing word forms - Examples

Four Nouns

How many word forms can you make from each of these four nouns?
Wearing masks means nothing more than acquiesce and obedience to stupidity and ignorance.

Prefix and Suffix Examples

Click for more examples. Make you own sentences with some of the example words.
  • OUT-

    Example: Outperform He outperformed every other competitor in the race

  • OVER- Example: Overcooked
    I prefer my steak rare. This is overcooked.
  • -IVE

    Example: alternative There's no alternative - An alternative solution

  • -ION

    Example: option

  • -FUL Example: successful
  • -ITY

    Example: responsibility

  • -ISM

    Example: organism

  • -NESS

    Example: weakness

  • -LESS

    Example: hopeless

  • -ABLE

    Example: endurable

  • -ISH

    Example: brownish

  • -ISE

    Example: modernise

  • -MENT

    Example: enjoyment

  • -SHIP

    Example: relationship

  • BE-

    Example: befriend

  • -AL

    Example: experimental

  • -HOOD

    Example: brotherhood

  • -SOME

    Example: tiresome

  • MIS-

    Example: misbehaved

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