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English Tap

Rabbits are mammals, which live all over the world. They have long ears and whiskers. They each have a little, round fluffy tail and strong back legs. They can run very quickly to escape from foxes. They live in burrows underground with their family. Rabbits eat grass and they love carrots as a special treat. Rabbits make good pets and they like being stroked. They can live in a hutch in the garden, but they need space to run about in the fresh air.
  1. Are rabbits reptiles or mammals? Rabbits hear with their...
    1. long ears
    2. whiskers
    3. round fluffy tails
  2. Rabbits can run away from foxes very quickly because they have...
    1. a little, round fluffy tail
    2. strong back legs
    3. burrows underground
  3. What do you call an underground rabbit hole?
    1. a sett
    2. a hole
    3. a burrow
  4. What do rabbits usually eat?
    1. foxes
    2. grass
    3. chocolate
  5. What can rabbits have as a special treat?
    1. a nap
    2. chocolate
    3. carrots
  6. Do rabbits make good pets?
    1. yes
    2. no
  7. According to the text, what do pet rabbits live in?
  8. Do rabbits need lots of space?

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