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Last Updated October 15, 2020, 1:45 pm 🖶
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"As" and "Like"

Tip : To start a list of examples, use "..such as ..."

1 'As you like it' - William Shakespeare. 'as' and 'like'

Like = 'similar to' or 'the same as'. Note that you can't use as in this way:

2 Like is a preposition - (Like + (Noun,pronoun or -ing)

3 As + subject + verb

We use as before a subject

4 Compare

  1. You should have done it like this. (Like + pronoun)
  2. You shoud have done it as I showed you. (as + subject + verb)

5 As high as a kite, as sick as a parrot, as cool as a cucumber, ...

    1. As easy as A B C

    1. As busy as a bee

    2. As dry as a bone

    3. As smooth as a baby's bottom

    4. As red as a beetroot


    1. As cool as a cucumber

    2. As poor as a church mouse

  1. D?
    1. As slippery as a rat

    1. As fit as a fiddle

    2. As light as a feather

    3. As light as a feather

    4. As sly as a fox

    5. As quick as a flash

    1. As good as gold

    1. As old as the hills

    2. As sweet as honey

  2. I?
  3. J?
    1. As high as a kite

    2. As sharp as a knife

    1. As happy as Larry

    2. As brave as a lion

    1. As clear as mud

    2. As stubborn as a mule

  4. N?
  5. As strong as an ox

    1. As pleased as punch

    2. As flat as a pancake

    3. As easy as pie

  6. Q
  7. As steady as a rock

    1. As smooth as silk

    2. As ugly as sin

  8. T?
  9. U?
  10. V?
    1. As clean as a whistle

    2. As fast as the wind

  11. X :(
  12. Y
  13. Z

Hey, please send me some more I'd like one for each letter in the alphabet.

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