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Sentences showing verbs and tenses

  1. The Earth turns around the Sun.(10)
  2. park got a goal yesterday.(55)
  3. Tom will take an exam tomorrow.(10)
  4. Sam has finished his homework.(5)
  5. When I came home, My mom had cleaned up the living room.(2)
  6. Come to my office, at that time I will have finished my work.(1)
  7. An englishman is walking on the street in New York.(10)
  8. When Ann called me, I was reading a book.(3)
  9. When you visit to his office, he will be working there.(1)
  10. Susan has been doing yoga since 2000.(1)
  11. When I came out of the airport, it had been raining.(1)
  12. Mike will have been speaking until he dies.(1)

Sentences showing some patterns

  1. Charlie got a golden ticket.
  2. Tom was interested in darwing.
  3. Nemo was late for school.
  4. George's grandma took a medicine.
  5. Sullivan took care of Helen.
  6. The teacher had students read books.
  7. John allowed his brother to use his car.
  8. The witch turned the prince into a frog.  

Four basic noun forms

  1. Love is real. (John Lennon's song)
  2. It's a book.
  3. I like apples.
  4. pass me the pencil, please.  

Modified nouns

  1. A brave knight killed a dragon.
  2. The internet cafe is popular with students who want to play the computer games.
  3. This webcam on the monitor seems to see me. It's just kidding.
  4. I have lots of things to do.
  5. The garden full of flowers is a paradise for butterflies.
  6. The swan flying in the sky disappear into the clouds.
  7. The woman called pyoungyangdaek is not from pyoungyang.
  8. This simple rules that give learners how to write should be drilled until learners have English mind.
  9. The Christmas when Jesus was born is coming.
  10. I didn't understand his theory that nothing is faster than the light.

Substitute Nouns

  1. You are so beautiful.
  2. Seeing is believing.
  3. To see is to believe.
  4. Sam thinks that his girl friend is pretty.
  5. Students learned why the Earth turns around the Sun.  


  1. I often go to the movies.
  2. A bird was flying in the sky.
  3. I am glad to meet you.
  4. Having lunch, we studied English.
  5. Jim was late for work because he had forgotten to bring his car key.
  6. As Alice came out of the house, it was snowing.

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