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Last Updated April 3, 2021, 9:02 am

Top Grammar Errors

ALT IMG Have you ever felt that you keep repeating the same common grammar mistakes? Check these common mistakes and read about how to stop making them.
  1. He told that.
  2. He said me.
  3. I think yes/no
  4. I work here ten years
  5. I've done it ten years ago
  6. I feel myself / I believe myself ...
  7. I made something bad / I did a mistake
  8. He was so bad man
  9. He is not very good in English
  10. I can't to explain
  11. He has been in Paris
  12. Yes, it will be in an hour since now.
  13. Past simple when the Present Perfect is required
    Did you go to France?

    While this sentence is not a mistake in itself, it is often used when the speaker should have used the present perfect tense. If we are not referring to a commonly understood event in the past, we should ask questions using the Present perfect

  14. Plural agreement between nouns and verbs
    He was one of the most popular competition winner.
  15. Countable and uncountable nouns These days people have less children than in the past.
  16. Gerunds and infinitives In the first picture I'm seeing two short blond children with soccer ball
  17. Mixing transitive and intransitive verb forms Transitive & Intransitive Verbs if you don't know what a transitive or intransitive verb is. Example mistake Could you explain me that?
  18. Should of, could of, would of (Written English) This is one of those errors typically made by a person more familiar with the spoken than the written form of English. A sentence like I would have gone if anyone had given me free tickets is normally spoken in a slurred way so that the two words would have are not distinctly separated, but blended together into what is properly rendered would've. Seeing that V tips you off right away that would've is a contraction of would have. But many people hear would of and that's how they write it. Wrong.

    Note that must of is similarly an error for must have.

Find the mistakes.

Some mistakes change the meaning in a strange way. The result is not incorrect but not what we wanted to say.

  1. My mother had a surgery in the hospital today.
  2. There were very little people in the shop today.
  3. The boxers continued hitting themselves after the bell.
  4. Unfortunately the coffee machine is out of work.
  5. Three men stole a bank in North London today.
  6. The ticket inspector came into our compartment and controlled our tickets.
  7. My land lady is a very good cooker.
  8. I hope the fire engine gets here on time.
  9. Nick could not reach the hammer, so he asked Bob to throw it at him.
  10. Julia usually goes to work with her car.

Correct or incorrect.

Decide whether each sentence is correct or incorrect. Correct those that are incorrect.

  1. When Jacob realised he was locked out of the house, he tried to knock on the door.
  2. If you have a headache, try taking an aspirin.
  3. I lost my watch on the beach and three of my friends tried finding it for me.
  4. Mick and Sarah often meet themselves in the town centre.
  5. Paul and Colin are both good at tennis so they enjoy playing each other.
  6. I'm afraid there is very little food in the house.
  7. There was a lot of trouble at the football match because there were very little policemen there.
  8. Now that we have a drinks machine the coffee lady will be out of work.
  9. We had to carry our bags upstairs because the lift was out of work.
  10. Our telephone is out of order, so you'll have to use the neighbour's.
  11. Stuart told me that the Post Office in Chinnor was stolen last week.
  12. The new bank in Geneva is impossible to rob.
  13. Sometimes Miss Kavangh's students were very difficult to control.
  14. The man at the US embassy checked our passports and gave us a visa.
  15. Every time I arrive in England the customs men control my luggage.
  16. Julie doesn't like washing up - she prefers to be the cooker.
  17. After Joan has made a big meal John usually has to clean the cooker.
  18. The trains in Greece never arrive in time.
  19. The hotel bathrooms flooded because Vicky didn't turn the taps off on time.
  20. If the play starts on time we should be able to get out of the theatre in time to catch the last train home.
  21. Harriet took a photograph of Robert throwing the doll at his little sister.
  22. Karen was so angry with Keith that she threw her tennis racket to him.
  23. Martin saw his brother on the other side of the street and shouted to him.
  24. Sue's car is being repaired, so she's going to come with her bicycle.
  25. The cinema is very near here, so you don't need to go by your car.

Other mistakes

  1. What I'd like to help you is your business plan.
Grammar mistakes

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